lj dog walking and day care

'because I love your dogs as much as you do'




Dogs are taken out in small groups between 4-6 which enables me to meet their individual needs, and allows me to get to know each dog's personality. I can either come to your home or place of work to collect and return your dog at the end of the walk.

Each walk will last for between 1-2 hours depending on the needs of your dog. My walks are longer than most dog walkers which means they are a lot more intense.

I like to vary my walks to keep the dog's mind active. Places we like to walk are Portchester Castle, Portsdown hill, Thathers copse, 100 acres and many many more!

Dogs who are left at home all day can become destructive from boredom or they can simply miss companionship, which can lead to separation anxiety.

If you don't want to leave your dog at home all day then I am here to help. My daycare is run from my family home, so your dog will receive the amount of attention and love they would at home with you. Cuddles, games and long walks are all part of the service provided.

Doggie cam

I have access to a 'doggie cam' so that customers can see our video adventures.

Dog walking

Providing a place to sleep and a healthy diet is just the start. Dogs need exercise on a daily basis not just to go out for a toilet break but for mental and physical stimulation too.

Dogs discover the world through sight, smell and touch so here at lj dog walking and daycare I vary the places I walk my group of dogs to keep them stimulated.

For each of the services provided I offer a free consultation so I can meet you and your dogs and, most importantly, you can meet me. I want to make sure that all of my potential customers are happy with me before we start our adventures together.

For each walk I like to take pictures of all the dogs having fun so that I can show the owners their dogs socializing with other group members. I always endeavour to text pictures to owners to give them peace of mind. With your permission, I also post  pictures on facebook as well.